The Rutgers women just appeared on Oprah.  They were given the first five or so minutes of the show to chat with Oprah.  C. Vivian Stringer did most of the talking, emphasizing that these were good young women who were personally affected by an undeserved insult.  The talk was very restrained and civil, and it is apparent that the girls just want to drop this issue.  For those of you saying they keep dragging it on, you need to read some quotes from the press conference.  The overwhelming feeling from the team is that this whole thing ruined their entire Easter weekend, and it’s all they’ve been doing since they came back to NJ after the game.  They really never wanted to deal with this situation but they had no choice, it was thrust upon them.  That’s the reason they are keeping the whole Imus meeting secret, because they’re done with the media circus.  Oprah handled the whole situation very well and it was a nice little segment.  After it was over, she went and visited her neighbors, whom she had never met.  They said they had no idea she was coming over, but it was clear that there was already a cameraman in the house.  Shortly after that, I turned it off.  If you happened to be watching, though, how awesome was that place!  The neighbors were kind of weird, like retired unmarried bohemian swingers living in a post-modern paradise of half-levels and brick kitchens.  Oh, and you can keep reading to see the pre-air blog… not that it really means anything now.

Pre-air blog post: Take THAT, Glenn! Today at 4 pm on ABC the Rutgers Women’s Basketball team will be making a special appearance on Oprah (via satellite). I know a lot of you want the issue to drop, but I think this is a good thing. To all the people yelling about overreactions and oversensitivity, I think you should tune in. It will be good to put a human face on the issue. I know it’s easy to say “Whatever, racism isn’t anything out of the ordinary, they should get over it,” but I hope to hear form the girls just how this issue actually affected their lives. If you’ve been standoffish about the whole thing, or unsympathetic to the cause, watch today’s Oprah. It will do us all a little good to actually see the group of girls involved, instead of large groups of angry mobs screaming for them. Hopefully, like the rally yesterday, this issue will NOT center negatively around Imus, but rather positively around the individuals on the team. And if you are really that sick of all of it, just pretend this Oprah visit didn’t happen. I know it may be hard to turn off Oprah for a day, but you can manage.