Hopefully, with MSNBC deciding to stop showing Don Imus on their network (which certainly had nothing to do with all those pulled sponsorships), the issue will fade. I say this because it has, simply put, run its course. I still don’t feel particularly bad about what happened to Imus, but between the entire ordeal, the (to me) stunningly large amount of coverage in the news, the women’s team’s press conference, Wednesday’s campus rally…the time has come to move forward. He made the remarks, and he is paying for them.

The team didn’t ask for the intial attention and uproar,  but did wind up fanning the flames with that press conference.  Sure, they came off fine and expressed themselves well, but I had in a way been more impressed when I didn’t think they were going to say much of anything in response. Certainly they had a right to respond, as anyone thrust into a situation like that does. However, I can’t help but feel like they all would have come off even better had they been a little more terse about it.

This story has been beaten into the ground, and it seems every possible angle has been covered, and all action has been taken. Imus got his, the women’s team is going to be more than fine, and (even if it means this blog won’t get as many views) I am ready to be done with it.