The title line was spoken by Tracy Morgan (as Tracy Jordan) on 30 Rock. However, it could just as easily apply to the situation to just play out between Rutgers and Reggie Dixon, a former incoming football recruit.

The Dixon saga was kind of a strange thing. At first he was a high school class of ’08 grad, but then it turned out he was on track to graduate in ’07. With this information at hand, he signed a letter of intent to come to Rutgers this fall and play football. A win-win all around, it seemed – a talented guy with a ton of speed gets to get to college earlier than anticipated, and Rutgers picks up a great talent.

As it turned out, everybody lost.

Ol’ Reggie wound up having some personal baggage…namely, that he was a registered sex offender. With that out in the open, his scholarship was rescinded, and all of a sudden he wasn’t RU-bound anymore. The details as they are currently known can be found here and here, but I’m going to expand on some of it.

First, the ESPN piece says, “According to copies of court records obtained by ESPN, Dixon twice assulted his stepsister – a non-blood relative – the first time when he was 12 and she was 9, then again when she was 14 and he was 17.

First of all, the fact that this supposedly happened twice is just a tad troubling. What’s worse: check the ages for the first incident again. Look at them, let it sink in. He was 12 and she was 9. That is just not right. I can still hardly believe those ages. I really, honestly hope Schiano was not aware of those particular details when he was prepared to let Dixon attend college for free and contribute to his team.

Next, we’ll move to the Star-Ledger account, which contains some conflicting info:

The victim’s mother said she informed Schiano of Dixon’s sexual assult during the recruiting process but that Schiano told her it was his decision to offer Dixon a scholarship.

When asked last night if he had spoken to the victim’s mother, Schiano said: ‘No.’

Well, something has to give right there. Somebody’s lying, and I don’t know who it is. Schiano has always seemed to me to be a stand-up guy, and truthfully, I hope he is the one who is being honest here. Finally, also from the Ledger, we have Dixon’s father, craig Venson, saying…

He’s an 18-year-old kid who is going through a lot…he just wants to play football and get an education.

Well Reggie, if you really want to do those things, in the words of Neil Hamburger, “Then don’t rape.” Even if this whole thing turns out to not be such a big deal in the long run, I’m glad I’m never going to have to call this guy a fellow student, and am disappointed that I was ever even close to having to do so. Something was up with this kid from the start, and I wish RU had just steered clear. Fortunately, in the end, what appears to have been the right decision was made, and I can still go to the spring game on Saturday genuinely pleased to root for guys like Ray Rice and Eric Foster (although this still casts a bit of a strange light on things so close to the event).