Almost two weeks ago fellow blogger Tom had informed the readers that The Black Donnellys had been canceled. This was a crushing blow, not only was Donnellys a great show but it was just starting to pick up momentum and start to get really good. Apparently good shows can’t survive on quality alone. Ratings have been down for Donnellys but I think the Monday at 10pm time slot is almost impossible. People had just worked their first day of the week and don’t feel like staying up until 11pm just to watch a television show. Luckily, NBC has been showing new episodes of the Black Donnellys on Monday nights on The quality of video is great and it’s almost like watching it on TV, and you only have to deal with about 1 minute of commercials throughout. Not to mention to two most recent episodes of Donnellys possibly being the best to date. I would love to tell everything that happens but I hope some of our readers watch this show and if they haven’t already seen these episodes they should. I’m not exactly sure how long the online airing of episodes will continue. I don’t really know where to get the information Tom gets but I’m hoping they at least can conclude the series. I suggest you log onto right now and watch these episodes.