I’m really sorry to all the readers who have been worried about my well being for the last few weeks.  I am ok.  Like my fellow bloggers, this has been a really busy time and blogging just did not find room in my schedule.  I started a new job that I go to right after school, which I get out of at 11, and I get out of work around 6.  Then I get home and I’m just exhausted.  Well now school is over and I’m back.  You’ll be reading more of my whimsical epitaphs like “If I Had A Nickel…” and “No, This Isn’t Patrick Duffy.”  I know you missed me.  Anyway, I’ve been delivering fundraisers to high schools across New Jersey for the world famous Richard Dadika.  He is a former starter for the Rutgers University basketball team, I think that’s pretty cool.  Anyway, if you’ve ever seen the sweatshirts or T-shirts with the high school sports on them, that’s my company.  I deliver them to the high schools and get to see all the hot freshman girls.  It is pretty sweet.  Anyway, this was just to let you people know that I apologize for the leave of absence.  Now though, I’m back, and in shape.