Friday Night Lights, NBC’s critically adored but ratings-challenged gem of a drama, has been renewed for another season, the trade papers are reporting today.

FNL’s fate was up in the air after it failed to attract little over 6 million viewers a week. But it was a darling of critics everywhere, and NBC Entertainment president Kevin Reilly was public about his own personal love of the show. Previously, it had been reported that the network had ordered 6 scripts for the next season, but it was uncertain whether the network would actually make them a reality.

The news comes 4 days before NBC announces their upfronts. Upfronts, in TV talk, is the week in May where the major networks announce their fall lineups. During upfonts, many shows are quietly given the axe by simply going unmentioned in the upfront for next year. Thankfully for fans like myself the suspense is over, although a few quality shows are still on the bubble.

Next week I’ll be reporting on the upfronts daily, giving some info about the new shows and detailing the fates of various well-known bubble shows and personal favorites. We can rest easy now, though, knowing that my (and most other serious TV fans’) baby Friday Night Lights will be coming back to delight us for another season.