After an extended break (the last episode aired Feb. 19) Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip will return on May 24 for its final six episodes. To die hard fans of the show, like me, this was great news as we will now finally get to see this story that we have been following since the pilot aired on September 18th of 2006 be wrapped up. The bad breaks this show got were pretty unfair as it was the show I looked forward to over any other on the Monday night lineup, including Heroes. Obviously Studio 60 will not be on NBC’s fall lineup, but for us fans this is great news.  It is nice for us to be able to see, after we’ve been captured in the characters, where they finally end up.  Many people turned their backs on this show after the first few episodes, it’s a shame because they missed out on a great show.

PS.  I have not seen either of my fellow bloggers in months and it’s upsetting me.  I miss you guys. :(