On Sunday night (technically Monday morning, but not in [as] time), [adult swim] ran five new Williams Street pilots. The shows ranged from hand animation to computer animation to live action, and covered a wide range of comedy, from strange to grotesque. Each of the pilots was available online a few days before the shows ran, but I held off so I could watch them all back to back tonight. If you click the pictures in this post, you can watch the respective episode on the [adult swim] site. Without further ado, in the order that they ran, I present to you my reviews of each of the new shows!


Superjail is a series made by the same folks who made the animated shorts on Wonder Showzen, and possibly the same people who made Beavis and Butthead. The premise, as far as I can tell, is simple; An eccentric heir to a former prison creator has created his ultimate vision of what a prison should be. It is a completely obscene, grotesque universe filled incredible violence and absurd creations. Imagine if Willy Wonka went even crazier, dropped acid, created a prison, and had a desire to see huge amounts of violence. If my description makes it sound weird, I’m sure I don’t begin to do the weirdness justice. The animation is very very cool, completely hand drawn, with its own very unique feel. As for the humor, it is there, but it takes a backseat to the violence and the artwork. There is no real possibility for a running storyline, but that might not matter. If they can keep up the look and feel, and make it this violent week after week, I’ll tune in. On adultswim.com there is currently a poll where viewers choose their favorite of the five pilots, and it has 21% of the vote, putting in 2nd place. . . 7/10




The Drinky Crow Show

Drinky Crow is a computer animated show based on the comic “Maakies” by Tony Millionaire. The art style is wonderfully unique, and although the models are a bit crude and the animation is very simplistic at times, its still a great looking show. It’s not as beautiful as the source material, but there isn’t really any way it could have been. The show centers around Uncle Gabby and Drinky Crow, two drunken talking animals at sea, looking for love and fighting French alligators and searching for mermaids. This show, like the one before it, featured a ton of violence, but there seems to be no real consequence for all of the dying that the characters do. It’s actually very funny, and probably different than anything you’ve ever seen. Expect this to become a show in the near future, It has 36% on [as].com poll, ranking it at the top. . . 8.5/10

P.S. – If you are a fan of TV Funhouse, you might remember this animated short starring Drinky Crow that ran in the late 90’s.




Fat Guy Stuck in Internet

FGSiI (catchy abbreviation) is a live-action show made by John Gemberling and Curtis Gwinn. The plot, as far as I could tell, is that a hot-shot computer programmer is transported into the odd world of the internet after he pours beer on his keyboard. Shortly thereafter, his boss (a parody of the Emporer from Star Wars) hires an incompetent bounty hunter to hunt him down. The protagonist meets two strange internet dwellers, Bit and Byte, and becomes friends with them by the end. I thought that the show was actually pretty funny. The characters were all very good and though the story this week was lacking, it could pick up some if given time. The show does suffer from a few issues though. Immediately, it feels like Saul of the Molemen set in some wacky purple world. This is not the case, since this show is better and the humor is very different. But it’s about a man stuck in a strange, campy, unfamiliar green screen world, so it’s hard not to draw the comparisons, and that will undoubtedly hurt its chances. Also, the star–though funny–feels like a Jack Black ripoff. The humor is above what I’d hoped, and it seems to be gaining some steam on the Net, so hopefully they’ll be given the chance to work out the kinks and get a chance to run on [as] for a while, but the show’s future is iffy. It’s in 4th on the [as].com poll with 14% of the vote. . . 7/10




That Crook’d ‘Sipp

That Crook’d ‘Sipp is the most beautiful show that aired tonight. Sadly, it was also the least funny. When the show started, I was taken back by its unique art style and cool music. Imagine a grainy, faded and scratched Foster’s Home with much more detail and stylized elements to it. I wish I could give you a plot summary, but I’m really at a loss with this one. I know that it centers around a white family living on a plantation in the south, seemingly oblivious to the mostly black population all around them. That’s about all I got from it. It’s narrated by rapper and show co-producer David Banner, which added a cool touch to it, but the story lacked so much that there is no real chance this show ever makes it to air. If you’re into animation, though, check out the pilot, because there’s some really great art being created there. With 8% of the vote on adultswim.com, it is currently in last place. . . 6/10



Let’s Fish

Let’s Fish is yet another live action comedy, but it’s quite different than any of the other live action shows on [adult swim]. Most noticeably, it’s starring people that you might have seen before in your life. The two main (and only) characters are played by Brendon Small (Home Movies, Metalocalypse) and Scott Adsit (30 Rock, Mr. Show). The premise, though it’s never really explained, seems to be that two friends went out fishing and got stranded in the middle of the ocean. Though there is very little animation in the show and it seems very cheaply produced, it was the winner on the night for me in terms of sheer laughs. I found both Brendon and Scott, of whom I’m a very big fan, to be hilarious. The stuff they do is well-written and well-acted, and I might even call it a step less weird than most of the stuff you’ll see on [adult swim]. Sure, it’s got racist fantasies with retarded far Hitlers and a tribe of cannibalistic Bostonian natives, but those bits are clearly them being silly for silly’s sake while keeping it grounded in a semi-reality of being stuck in the middle of the ocean. The writing is head and shoulders about anything else that aired tonight, and although not being animated might hurt its standing a bit, I have a feeling the star power is enough to put it through to the next round. It’s polling at 20% right now, a close 3rd place. . . 8.5/10


So there you have it, my feelings about tonight’s premieres. If you haven’t seen them yet, why not just click those little pictures and give them a look-see. They’re only 11 minutes each and you owe it to yourself if you are an [adult swim] fan. Normally I feel a bit strange and out of place when I give reviews to real network shows, but there might be no one on Earth who watches more [adult swim] than I do (its actually up to like 3 hours a night, and at least 5 on Sunday), so I finally feel qualified to be giving my opinion. Take my words to heart, but decide for yourself. And leave a comment telling us what you thought of them!