Dude…just grab the bowl. (image originally found on thelmagazine.com)

We’ve all seen the ad in dozens of incarnations. The rabbit wants some Trix, figures out some scheme to get some, and is thwarted in the end by some children who remind the silly rabbit that Trix are for kids. Considering how long they have been using this advertising formula, they must be doing something right. Either that, or they are truly some uncreative people. Either way, I’ve pretty much had my fill of it.

First: am I supposed to root for these kids? These awful, awful kids? Kids who will not allow the rabbit to taste one piece of this cereal for however many decades it’s been that this ad has been running? He just wants to try it. That is literally all it would take to make him happy…maybe that, plus allowing him to have some more every once in a while. It wouldn’t be that difficult, and he would stop bugging these kids. Of course, since they don’t seem to be that bugged by him in the first place, the only conclusion is that they are not letting the rabbit have any just to be assholes. Paraphrasing a show pretty beloved around this blog: it’s like they get off on being withholding. They are lucky they haven’t driven this poor rabbit to the point of sheer insanity, and they KEEP DOING the same thing again and again. I don’t like those kids.

Then there’s the rabbit. Really, this guy is at a crossroads. He’s been at a crossroads for a lot of years now. His desperation is just pathetic at this point. It is time to come up with a new plan, or just give up. One potential plan would be to go to his local grocery store (possibly in some simple disguise, if he thinks that would work better) and simply purchase a box of the cereal. This would be very easy. If somehow the kids are tracking him (which would be pretty creepy) and follow him and pilfer the cereal when he gets back to his house, they would definitely be trespassing on his private property, and he could nail them on that charge and get the cereal he desperately wants. This is just one possible alternative to the great lengths he normally goes to, and I would call it a more sensible alternative as well. If he is unwilling to do this, he’s probably better off giving up.

This Trix commercial is an institution by now. We all know it; we might not know it and love it, but we know it. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t shake things up a bit every now and then. I mean…it would be some pretty big news in the advertising world if the rabbit actually managed a successful heist sometime. But of course, that cereal box in the picture at the top of this post represents the closest he will ever get. They could continue the storyline as if the rabbit had never gotten the Trix at all, or keep it going and let the kids get their revenge. Either way, as it is, it holds all the suspense of a Wile E. Coyote/Road Runner cartoon, and it’s high time something is done about it. However, nothing will be, Trix will still make General Mills their money, and in a vital fixture in the cereal commercial market, unfulfilled potential will remain.