Tom has wanted to institute a recurring post where he picks apart some of the stranger, less coherent comments we get on the site. Unfortunately, since comments have been at a premium lately, I will wind up breaking down a comment that isn’t on our site, but at the same time, cannot be ignored.

This was a simple letter to the Asbury Park Press newspaper. I was so fired up when I saw this intially, it was a good thing I didn’t post anything at the time. Without further ado, and maybe some apologies to, here is the letter.

Team too big for britches?

A friend of mine puts together a yeary event for 60-plus of his friends to attend a Rutgers football game. During some of those years, Rutgers wasn’t doing very well, but we went because of the fun and loyalty to the school.

Last year, Rutgers had an awesome year and we couldn’t wait to go on our yearly, one-day, one-game outing. Our children, our spouses, and our friends look forward to it.

However, we tried to get the tickets for one game this coming season. After many attempts, we finally got a call back from a Rutgers Group Sales representative telling us this will not be possible because they “don’t anticipate selling any group tickets to any game this year, except for maybe the homecoming game against Norfolk State.”

As my friend stated: “Seems that bringing 60-plus people each year to games that have been usually a blowout for the opposing team pales in comparison to the amount of season tickets they can sell in our place.”

I guess we will have to wait until the Scarlet Knights get rid of their million-dollar coach so we can go to the games again. Maybe we will start rooting for Princeton.

Diana Martinez


OK, first of all, she says it herself: “yearly, one-game, one-day outing.” Oneday. One game. Per year. These aren’t SEASON tickets she is bitching about losing. It’s SINGLE-GAME tickets. Maybe they were “loyal” one game a year, but when something explodes in popularity like Rutgers football has, that’s not going to cut it.

Her friend stated: “Seems that bringing 60-plus people each year to games that have been usually a blowout for the opposing team pales in comparison to the amount of season tickets they can sell in our places.” First, I would urge her friend to utter easier-to-understand sentences. Second, yes, in fact, it does pale in comparison. Hmm, sell 60 tickets for one game, or sell a boatload more season tickets than in the past? It is a sound business decision, benefiting those fans who are planning to be loyal more than once per year, Diana Martinez’s sense of entitlement notwithstanding.

The end is where she really starts to lose it: she wants Rutgers to “get rid of their million-dollar coach” (oh, silly me, I always thought his name was Greg Schiano) so she and her ever-so-loyal group can once again go to one game per year. Since they love the team so much, they would rather attend, say, a 48-14 loss to TEMPLE (Temple. That actually happened. At home. Holy shit, did this team used to suck.) than throw a house party and watch, say, a bowl victory. No, apparently Diana Martinez and her group would rather see us revert to a joke.

Second, why the crack about Schiano’s salary? His salary is not what is forcing her to watch all the games from home; it is her desire to attend a meager one game per season. Schiano is being paid better BECAUSE he has gotten the team to a point where anyone who wants can’t just buy 60 tickets and have them be available. Is it insane that Schiano needs to make $1.6 million to be in the same league as some of his peers? Sure, but that is a different issue.

Honestly, I’m not sure someone who would rather have the team regress drastically so she can feel important again should really be considered a loyal fan. This might have been the most any misinformed Rutgers football comment has pissed me off since some kid trying to look cool on Kenny Britt’s facebook wall (don’t even bother looking for it, his site isn’t up anymore) said it was “a shame Schiano didn’t realize da amount of talent” he had earlier in the year. (No, this kid was right, certainly Schiano thought Britt sucked when he offered him a scholarship, and wound up starting as a freshman even though he missed half of fall camp. And that doesn’t even get into the kid acting like Schiano is the only person on the coaching staff.)

In the end, all I know is, I might not be fortunate enough to get season tickets after I graduate. If this happens, I will be disappointed. However, I will not complain. I will realize that I’m just lucky to be rooting for a good team after so many years of complete failure…because I’d rather watch a good team on TV than an 0-11 one live.