CBS consistently wins ratings wars, week after week. So what does the most watched, predictable network on TV change in order to have a successful fall? The answer: Not much. Here’s the few canceled shows, along with the handful of new ones coming next season. (Again, CBS logo and show lists are from TV Squad.)

Canceled – King of Queens, Jericho, The Class, Close To Home

Returning – The Amazing Race, Cold Case, 60 Minutes, How I Met Your Mother, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Two and a Half Men, Rules of Engagement, CSI: Miami, NCIS, The Unit, Criminal Minds, CSI: NY, Survivor, CSI, Shark, Without A Trace, Ghost Whisperer, Numb3rs, 48 Hours Mystery.

I think King of Queens was less canceled than it is over. Jericho, on the other hand, is most definitely a sweet cancellation. Not that I had any problem with the show–I watched the first bunch of episodes and just lost interest–but it was a bubble show that got a pretty harsh axe, especially since it wasn’t pulling in terrible numbers. The worst thing about Jericho, for fans, is that they ended the season on a cliffhanger, right before you found out who dropped the nukes. The Class is going to make a few people very upset, although I never wasted my time with it. The redheaded guy was just too ugly. I think its surprising that these 3, along with Close to Home (another law procedural) are the only show that got canned. The Eye really doesn’t want to screw with the winning formula they had going last year, even if that formula is just “CSI every single night, in some form.” It was fantastic to see that HIMYM got another season, even though no one really doubted that it would. In all honesty, that is the only CBS show that I watch. The biggest bubble show to get in is The New Adventures of Old Christine, which picked up steam at the end of the year, but pulled in just about equal numbers to The Class. Maybe, dare I say it, the Seinfeld curse has been broken? (Keep reading for CBS’s New shows! There are a few!)

New Shows (click the title to see the Zap2it page)

Big Bang Theory – Ha… get it? It’s about nerds trying to get laid, so the title is making a joke. This one seems like another CBS 3-camera sitcom, where two nerds happen to live next to a sexy blonde (Kelly Cuoco from Eight Simple Rules) and she teaches them that there’s more to life than theoretical physics. It will take the spot of The Class, Mon. 8:30 pm

Cane – Jimmy Smits (The West Wing) stars in this drama about competing sugar & rum family businesses in southern Florida. It’s also starring Nestor Carbonell, who plays Richard on Lost. It seems like if they replaced sugar with cocaine, this show could get interesting. Who knows, maybe they will.

Kid Nation – This reality show has a ton of potential; 40 kids, with no adults, move into an abandoned New Mexico town and start their own civilization. If they let this become Lord of the Flies meets Bonanza then it could be awesome. Kids battling, cursing, doing whatever they wanted with no parents around (and Bonanza because its in the Old West). But they won’t, and it will probably be really sappy, like some ABC reality series, since its being made by the same guy who made Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, the sappiest thing in the history of TV. Wed, 8 pm

Moonlight – Joel Silver (Veronica Mars producer) has a hand in this Private Eye drama where the PI has to deal with the everyday difficulties of maintaining a normal life and being a vampire. Wait, what? That’s right! You’ll get to see him solve crimes, try to keep a girlfriend, and battle the undead in the dark of night. Fri., 9 pm

Viva Laughlin – Based on the BBC show Viva Blackpool, this musical drama is about a man who wants to open his own casino in Laughlin, Nevada, but encounters troubles along the way. Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) is a producer on the project and will be seen on the show, along with Patrick Fabian, who played the prefect-crime-committing Prof. Landry on Veronica Mars. Sun., 8 pm

Swingtown – A sexy drama set in 1970’s Chicago… well, it might not be sexy, but it should end up being quite controversial. The show revolves around a community of swingers in a suburb of the Windy City wife swapping, having key parties, and doing all that other stuff you know your grandparents were taking part it. Hopefully, some advocate groups will protest it, making me actually want to tune in. There’s a number of stars in it, but no one I really know. This show won’t be out till midseason.

So there’s CBS for you. A few new predictable dramas, a new comedy, and no real huge changes. New Adventures won’t be coming back till midseason, with Rules of Engagement taking its 9:30 spot in the beginning. They’ll also be debuting a game show this summer called Power of 10. It’s hosted by Drew Carey and seems to be a complete ripoff of Family Feud. I think the most you’ll hear talked about with today’s upfronts is Jericho being canceled before it had the chance to answer the big question and leaving a lot of vocal fans wanting more. Tomorrow is The CW and Fox, so I’ll do a whole post for Fox and maybe a half-post for The CW.