I never thought I’d have to ask you this question Steve Carell.  What happened man?  Sure, The Office is the best comedy on television today and Little Miss Sunshine won an Oscar, but come on man…Evan Almighty?  It’s not even like Bruce Almighty was that good and now you are going to try and make a sequel to it.  Let’s hope you can work your comedic charm and your charisma on this one, because people won’t be going to this movie to see Morgan Freeman.  I understand that you probably signed on to do this movie before you hit all of your stardom, but you are better than this.  You have become one of the funniest men in entertainment and now you are going to tarnish yourself with this ridiculous movie.  I would love to be proved wrong in this situation but I just don’t see it.  Your better than this Steve, you owe us more.