Since Facebook is by nature a place for people to give out information about themselves (whether it’s done through words or visuals), it can potentially be a place where people reveal interesting information about themselves – although, as most will tell you, this is certainly not always the case. Sometimes, I get a little idea about an extremely simple experiment I can do through searches of the site, and recently I was struck with such an idea. I recently performed the “experiment” (seriously calling it an experiment would be an insult to real experiments) and fortunately, the results did not disappoint.

Here’s what I did: just a simple search. The search was inspired by the fact that people can list their academic concentration(s) and political views on their pages. With this in mind, I entered: apathetic political science. The idea was to figure out how many people listed their political views as “apathetic” yet at the same time had an academic concentration in political science. According to the search results, no fewer than 25 people in the Rutgers community alone fit this description.

I did it for ironic purposes, but it made me think all the same: wow, that is a lot of people in a major they apparently don’t care about. If there are that many for political science, who’s to say how many other people are in other majors that they’re just drifting through, with no real interest? I guess it’s nice that they go to school at all, but that shouldn’t be enough…there are so many options; shouldn’t the poli sci majors who don’t care about politics be trying to find something they actually DO care about?

I guess this stuff also kind of hits home for me as an econ major who knows how many econ majors are out there who couldn’t care less about the subject matter and just generally see it as a potential “get rich” major. I want people who at least care.

If you happen to see this and don’t go to Rutgers, feel free to do a similar search at your school. I highly doubt this is something specific to Rutgers, and would be interested in seeing if the numbers are relatively similar anywhere else. Oh yeah, if you do a search and get some good results, comment back with them. We like comments.