Some of you are probably shocked to have awoken today, ran to your computers, opened your browsers (bringing you to your homepage 41MilesToFreedom) and seen a terrifying new web page in place of the one you were used to. Well, rest assured, you have not gone insane from your years of wild hedonism. I simply changed the theme! I, as site administrator, made an executive decision to pick a new theme that I think fits our needs a bit better. We’ve seemingly lost nothing and gained a handy search box, author names before the article, and a nice sprig of green to welcome in the summer. I’ve also changed the header to signify that summer is upon us, if not formally then at least in spirit. The only downside is that there is a bit of space after the titles now, and the pictures have a slight drop shadow. Once I move this site to and give myself the full-time job of actually maintaining the entire thing’s code by hand, I’ll change that (and yes, that’s actually happening some day). But until then, I hope your eyes quickly adjust to the new look and you keep coming back to read the minute details of Glenn’s fascinating life.

Note to fellow bloggers: Go to the dashboard, click the Users tab, and change your display name to your actual name, that way it lists your real name as the author of the posts. Pete, you may have to enter it first, since I don’t think you ever did. Thanks.