You’ve seen us cover the big guys, the networks who’ve had years of wild success in this business they call “show.” But what happens when a young upstart network who likes to play by his own rules joins the force? That’s what we’ll look at today, when I go over the cancellations and returners from everyone’s favorite hybrid The CW (I’m not going to go over new shows because You will not be watching any of them, trust me).

The saddest news, and the biggest, is this: TV Squad is reporting from the post-upfront press conference that Veronica Mars is officially canceled. After 3 wonderful seasons (well, 1 amazing season and 2 good ones), the show is no more. Creator Rob Thomas’ plan to move her to the FBI next year will likely never get a chance to be fleshed out, unless he can work it into some sort of movie deal. If you’ve never seen it, do yourself a favor and get the first season. It’s among the best seasons of any TV made in recent memory.

Canceled – All of Us; Gilmore Girls; Reba; Runaway; Seventh Heaven; Veronica Mars

Returning – Everybody Hates Chris; America’s Next Top Model; The Game; Girlfriends; Smallville; Supernatural; One Tree Hill (mid-season); Pussycat Dolls: The Search for the Next Doll; WWE SmackDown!

I find this shocking and appalling. Frankly, I’m ready to break down in tears. I know people said it fell off in the last season, but it had such a good fan base… I guess thats not enough, though; our beloved Reba is no more. It feels great to see Gilmore Girls and 7th Heaven on the same canceled line up there, and it must have felt even better dropping the axe on both of them at the same time. Definitely some surprises, with the painfully obnoxious Pussycat Dolls getting brought back for an unforeseen second season.

As a side note, I once watched a Mets game on The CW where Gary Cohen read a promo for the show. After reading the phrase “Pussycat Dolls,” Keith Hernandez started giggling uncontrollably and asking him “Do you know what you’re saying??” Gary Cohen chuckled and rolled with it, and finished up the spot like a professional. By this time, Hernandez was basically on the ground rolling with laughter, and he did not stop for 5 minutes. Gary Cohen wasn’t saying anything outrageous, nor was he even alluding to the slang term for a vagina. Later in the game, Hernandez talked about eating dinner with his mom one night, with whom he still lives. It was at that point that I knew Keith Hernandez was 10 years old.