Before the season started I boldly went where only a few thousand people go.  I made my predictions for the upcoming baseball season.  Now the season is about a quarter of the way through and I decided it would be fun to see how I was doing thus far, even though it is early.   To be brutally frank with you, I am embarrassed at the ridiculousness of my picks.  I always fancied myself an expert of America’s pastime, now I feel like a plugged nickel.  (Yea, I went there…and it meant nothing.)  Anyway, it’s time to check up on the picks.

First I posted my picks for the National League divisional winners as well as the team I thought would win the wildcard.

National League

  • East: New York Mets
  • Central: Houston Astros
  • West: San Fransisco Giants
  • Wild Card: St. Louis Cardinals

That is just about as bad as one could possibly be at predicting.  The Mets are there but the rest of the teams are borderline pathetic and showing no signs of being able to make a run.  The Cardinals are just not playing good baseball at this point in the season.  They really aren’t that good of a team.  The Giants are very old and can not score runs.  The pitching may be able to keep the Giants close enough to strike but I doubt it.  The Astros always seem to make a late season run but not acquiring Clemens doesn’t help so I doubt they will do anything.  Let’s go Mets!

Then I did the same thing with the American League.

American League

  • East: New York Yankees
  • Central: Chicago White Sox
  • West: Anaheim Angels
  • Wild Card: Boston Red Sox

Not as bad…not as bad.  Good job buddy!  The Yankees look horrible at this point in the season.  It’s very early, I’d expect them to make a serious run at some point during this season and win 20 out of 25.  The White Sox have a serious chance of winning that division, it will be a close race the whole way between the Sox and the Twins, Tigers, and Indians.  The Angels are currently at the top of the division with no real threats as far as I can see.  The Red Sox currently hold a big lead in the AL East so even if they win and the Yankees get the Wildcard I’ll take it.

There is no reason to visit my playoff pics as of right now because barely any of my teams look like they are going to make it.  Then I picked the end of the season awards for both leagues.

  • National League Most Valuable Player
    • Albert Pujols
  • American League Most Valuable Player
    • Alex Rodriguez
  • NL Coach of the Year
    • Willie Randolph
  • AL Coach of the Year
    • Terry Francona
  • NL Cy Young
    • Barry Zito
  • AL Cy Young
    • Daisuke Matsuzaka

Albert Pujols.  I doubt it.  He has been very quiet all season.  A-Rod got off to a historic start which made me look like a genius but has since been a ghost.

Willie Randolph probably will win the award this year if the Mets win the division again.  Terry Francona also looks to be the front runner in the AL.  Good job me.

My Cy Young picks were ridiculous but they both are pitching pretty well so don’t kill me yet.