They were all there.  All of their fates had finally brought them to one meeting point.  Peter Petrelli and Sylar were staring each other in the eyes.  Mr. Bennett held Claire in his arms.  DL, Nicki, Mika, and Molly also watched from nearby.  Mohinder looked after the bullet ridden Parkman who was holding on.  Peter and Sylar began their battle and all of a sudden Hiro appeared and with one thrust of his sword he took Sylar to the ground.  The chaos appeared to be over.  All of a sudden the visions of Peter Petrelli became a reality as he started to glow.  Peter knew he was going to explode.  Claire took the gun and pointed it at Peter.  As Peter screamed for Claire to pull the trigger Nathan Petrelli swept in from the skies.  He took Peter in his arms and together they flew into the night.  Seconds later the night sky was brightened by an explosion.  They had saved the world.

Last night was the epic season finale of the hit NBC show Heroes.  Since September we have followed each of these individuals lives.  In a series with so many expectations and so much hype it’s almost impossible to live up to it all.  Last night Heroes met those expectations.  The season finale left an ungodly amount of anticipation in me for next season.  We all knew Heroes was coming back for next season but it was great to see it set in stone.  We caught a short glimpse of “Volume Two” as it was referred to in last night’s episode, with Hiro traveling all the way back to the early 1600’s.  I have to say that Tim Kring, the show’s creator, did an amazing job creating this world and developing characters.  The first season of this show was groundbreaking, we have never seen a show like this before.  Hopefully he can pull it off again in season two.