There it is. The photo that all of us Batman die hards have been waiting on for a long time. The first look at how Heath Ledger will look as the Joker in next year’s newest installment in the new Batman series called “The Dark Knight.” And I have to say…it looks absolutely amazing. Apparently over the weekend there was a marketing campaign in which Aaron Eckhart, who will be playing Harvery Dent, appears on a poster with the words “I Believe in Harvey Dent.” There was also another poster with Eckhart with his face all messed up. As if the poster had been marked up by someone else. If you dragged the pieces off of Eckhart’s face it revealed the new Joker’s face. That poster has since been removed but if you go ibelieveinharveydenttoo.com it will be a black background with red letters saying “Page Not Found.” If you highlight the page it will reveal that the entire page is covered in HaHaHas. If you copy and paste the entire page into word and delete the hahaha’s it will read “See you in December.” For us huge Batman fans this is exactly the kind of thing we’ve been waiting for.