…Just look at that rodent face.

You may know that John Lennon wrote a song some years back called “Instant Karma!” It was one of his bigger solo hits, and the premise of it is pretty obvious – karma that is instant. A prime example of such instant karma may be found in the current situation of the Atlanta Falcons, with their quarterback Mike Vick facing increasing allegations that he has been heavily involved in dog fighting. This news is a distraction to the entire NFL, since Vick is one of their marquee names. However, it is an even bigger distraction to the Falcons, who have to deal with their franchise player being in this mess…and as far as I’m concerned, it’s fitting for Falcons coach Bobby Petrino to have to deal with the matter.

Bobby Petrino is a great coach. His record proves that much. However, he was deceitful, manipulative, disloyal, and just all around disrespectful to the university of Louisville in many ways when he was coach there. He tried to leave more than once (once trying to take the job of a guy – Auburn’s Tommy Tuberville – who was never fired, once trying to go to LSU), used his constant attempts to leave as leverage for Louisville to give him a huge contract extension, then left for the Falcons at the next opportunity.

The Falcons paid him a ton of money ($24 million over five years), but he wasn’t exactly making peanuts at Louisville ($25 million over 10 years). This suggests leaving was an ego-driven decision to leave as well as a monetary one. How is he being repaid for his gigantic ego? By inheriting a huge mess that is just coming to light now, despite having been in the making for years.

Petrino may yet succeed in Atlanta. Just because he’s a backstabber doesn’t mean he can’t coach, and just because the Vick situation is a big deal now doesn’t necessarily mean it will continue to be. However, at this moment in time, this story is dominating the entire franchise, and obviously not in a good way. Forget Vick for a second – to me, the situation he has created is a fitting punishment to Petrino, if for no other reason than to at the very least give him some headaches in the league where he thought the grass was greener. In the aforementioned song, Lennon said “we all shine on.” Maybe Petrino will too in the end, but right now things don’t look so bright. Instant karma got him.