I’m just really up for the challenge of making this post. The way I looked at it I had two choices: I could take the easy way out and not make a post, or I could leave my comfort zone, get on here and face this challenge.

Now, that’s not to say this was an easy decision. I had it easy with not posting, and it was tough to leave that. I know there’s going to be speculation about my social life and lack of creativity; they both kept me from posting (especially the latter) and it was a very good situation I had with them. This decision has nothing to do with these things. It has everything to do with me taking a hard look at what I want at this point in my life and coming to the decision that it was time to accept this challenge.

I knew from the start that, as I said, I was in a great situation, but the posting had intrigued me for some time. I still knew it was going to take a special opportunity to get me out of my comfort zone and into posting. And really, a blog like this was a very special opportunity, and I had to think to myself: was my heart in not posting or in challenging myself and bettering myself? It became clear to me that my heart was with taking the new challenge.

Now, it’s very difficult to end my run of not posting. My time not posting was a truly special time for me, and to leave it behind will not be easy. Having to tell my social life and lack of creativity that I’m leaving to expand my horizons – what you have to understand is that I love my social life and lack of creativity, and it’s never easy to tell something you love you’re leaving it behind. But the opportunity that came up was so exciting to me –

OK, I think I’ve made a mistake here. I have to get out of posting. My heart was with kicking back and working with my social life and lack of creativity. I have to extend heartfelt apologies to this blog; my intentions were never for this situation to unfold in this manner. However, at this time I feel it is best that I ask this blog to release me from my intention to post to allow me to return to where my heart truly was, with not posting. I had been greatly excited by the opportunity posting afforded me, but I truly feel I cannot leave my current situation, after much soul-searching and deliberation. I made a mistake and just want to correct it. I do not want to post.

…ridiculous, right? Well, Billy Donovan just did this with basketball teams.