…He is Anaheim’s coach, and you are not telling me otherwise.

The Anaheim Mighty Ducks are NHL champions, as could actually be seen on NBC. Not all the Stanley Cup Finals games were actually televised on a network the majority of people get, another sign that maybe the people who want to drop talk of hockey as a “major” sport have a point.

The Mighty Ducks won the series fairly easily, 4-1 over the Ottawa Senators, including a 6-2 win in the clinching game. Winning that convincingly, one has to think they are the deserving champions. But that’s the thing with hockey right now – the championship team plays in a complete non-hockey city and exists in the first place because of an Emilio Estevez movie. Emilio Estevez.

Pete, one of the bloggers here, remains an avid New York Rangers fan, but the NHL’s problem is that there aren’t more people like him, remaining avid fans in the wake of a lost season a couple years back and not being able to see as many games on TV. They changed a bunch of rules to increase scoring and eliminate ties, but not enough people noticed. The stands were filled tonight, but still, it’s Anaheim. Hockey is there because of a movie, not because anyone would actually think of Anaheim as a place that is a natural fit for the game. Ice is a seasonal surface from a season that is relatively foreign to Anaheim. And now…the league champions play there. The Mighty Ducks can take great pride in what they have accomplished, but a whole lot fewer people will notice than in the past. That can’t be what Gordon Bombay would have wanted.