Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the new film “SiCKO” by Michael Moore is taking this country by storm. Receiving universal praise (even a rave from Fox News!), it is being hailed as a movie that spans all party borders and appeals to every American, even those who have hated everything else he has done. It addresses our nation’s incredibly flawed health care system, and it really is a film that every American should see (except those with large amounts of money resting on the wellbeing of our Health Insurance/Pharmaceutical industries, you might not like it). But if that isn’t enough to get you into theaters, here is an added bonus for Rutgers fans — Moore wears a Rutgers hat throughout a decent portion of the movie! He wears it during many of the scenes that take place in England and France.

michael moore in a rutgers hat

Michael Moore is a well-known fan of college football, and Michigan sports teams in general. He is usually associated with his green Michigan State hat (don’t worry, Spartans, he sports that one in this film too). But for some reason–perhaps a bet he made before we upset MSU back in 2004–he dons the scarlet and white in this new movie, and overseas nonetheless! EDIT: I am no longer afraid to admit that I was one of the tens of thousands of people who recently got the film through a filesharing site, because Michael Moore has publicly supported the illegal pirating and sharing of his films.  Please, go see SiCKO… if not for the amazing change it might spark in the way our health care system, then at least for the fantastic apparel.

moore in a rutgers hat 2

And in case you are wondering; yes, I DO own that hat.

tom in rutgers hat