Holy smokes! Robin Williams’ latest laff-fest will leave you praying for more! Remember that name — For those of us lucky enough to have experienced his unconventional, off-the-wall take on l’arte comédienne, it is truly a spectacle (don’t worry if you haven’t, he is on the up-and-up!). In his latest (and surely largest) Hollywood picture, Williams dons the alb and cassock as he portrays a minister of some sort who has taken up that ever so sweet dilemma of prenuptial cold feet! Although he has never experienced the love of a woman in the duration of his priesthood, it doesn’t mean that he and his little buddy Sousty, played aptly by his real-life son Billy Williams, can’t have a little fun. And fun they have!

Real-life nephew John Krashinski (sic?) takes the role of the groom-to-be Jim Halpert who, because of a physical disability, cannot comprehend what married life will be like. He approaches Robin Williams, who is referred to throughout the film as Father Robine Walliams, and confesses his issue in a delightful little scene that is not without it’s comedic lines. Fr. Robine tells Jim that “In order to love a woman, you must look deep into her eyes and tell her one thing–now if I only knew what it was, I wouldn’t be here!” The side-splitting doesn’t end there, and you’ll be in tears when Walliams swings into the wedding on a vine of some sort (I could have sworn it was Kudzu!) and drops the green diamond into the hand of Maximus, Jim’s trusted Orangutan. If that seems a bit off the wall for you, then perhaps you should steer clear… Billy Williams’ comedy is not for the faint of heart!

Mandy Moore, who I find homely, with large teeth and a boorish grin, plays Halpert’s fiancée Rebbecca Starwalker (or is it Stanscraper?). You’ll find yourself asking why Jim Krachinski is wasting his time with this witch; at one point, she commands him to buy wedding invitations that are flowery beyond what any man could tolerate! William has a snappy comeback ready for her of course, but I won’t ruin it here (A hint: it really puts her in her “place”).

The script is strong, the acting is strong (especially on the part of the Williams family), and there is a lot of heart. If you’ve never seen Rob William before, then this is the picture for you. His soft voice and emphatic eyebrows only serve to compliment his ability to leap 4 feet in the air with every joke he makes, hoisting the whit heavenward (a no-fail move he trademarked in 2004). I’ve got to warn you, though… don’t forget your icepack when you catch the hottest summer cooldown to ever melt the summer blues and chill you to the bone with a spicy hot frosted comedy fun time!