Stunning. Take a look at this picture and try not to lose your breath. Breathtaking. It took me at least 3 hours just to start writing this post because I simply could not take my eyes away from the beauty above. One thing about peacocks is that they are always dressed to impress. No matter the occasion they are always ready. You could inform them of the classiest ball to ever hit the big city a mere minutes before it started and they would say “Let’s do it.” And that’s why I respect them. Why hate them because they are so beautiful? We all wish that we could be as beautiful as these wonderful creatures if for only a day. Chances are we’d give up everything we’d ever earned to walk a day in the shoes of a peacock. Plus we could go to all the great NBC parties and hang out with the likes of Jason Lee and Steve Carell. I find it absurd to sit here and bash peacocks for being everything that we wish we could be. Wouldn’t we like to have ourselves be in the corner of all NBC broadcasts. Not to mention that peacocks, at every opportunity possible, will help and old lady cross a street, and what’s more classy than that.