This is Pete Duffy checking in with the audience. I just wanted to show off my newly acquired six pack abs. After years of a strenuous workout routine, I awoke one morning to find abs of steel. I know most of you will be viewing this picture with much jealousy attached, please don’t. All you have to do is go to the gym like I did every day for about an hour. Anyone can do it, this is the proof. I’m sorry to put my fellow bloggers to shame, but with my rock hard upper body I have now taken over the crown of best looking blogger at this here blog. Life has been a lot better since that morning when I woke up with these abs, the ladies have been paying much more attention to me and have been throwing themselves at me. I do not have enough time in the day. I just thought I should write this post because I needed to let you guys know that anything is possible. Follow your dreams.