Last night Barry Bonds hit two home runs bringing his career total to a staggering 753, truly an amazing feat. What’s even more impressive is that his career home total, while being a truly amazing feat, isn’t anywhere near as amazing as Barry’s personality. Barry Bonds, throughout his career, has personified ‘the good guy image’. The big knock on him however is his apparent use of steroids. I firmly take the stand that this man has never tested positive, and it seems like America agrees. Wherever Barry goes it seems dedicated followers and an abundance of applause follows his every step. There have been a few instances during games where fans have even thrown things like batteries on the field at Barry, it’s not because they didn’t like him, it’s because they didn’t have flowers. Barry has also truly earned the respect of those who played the game before him, don’t quote me on this but I’m 99% sure that Hank Aaron stated in a press conference in 1999 that “if anyone were to break my record I wouldn’t want it to be anyone but Barry Lamar Bonds.” The greats of this game aren’t going to let a little thing like steroids skew their opinions of the era. The real criminals of this game were the McGwire’s and Palmiero’s of the steroid era of the late 90’s, not Barry, Barry took a stand against these men and showed them what a real hero looks like. We can only hope that Barry Lamar breaks this record as soon as possible, it’s what a America wants.