Today Glenn and I accompanied two pals to see a live taping of The Colbert Report, and we had a great time. Here is an interesting fact that I picked up on while there: Stephen Colbert knows every word to Neutral Milk Hotel’s song Holland, 1945. They played it during a commercial break and I was singing along, and I looked up from my nice front-row seat and saw him singing it right along with me. Our eyes met, and we saw each other singing it, and it was awesome. Then we got to a part of the song where I’m not even sure of the words and he just kept singing to the girl doing his makeup. I mean, he really knows the entire song, word for word. Stephen Colbert is so damn COOL!

If you watch the episode from Tuesday, July 24, wait for the interview segment. When he gets up to high-five everyone, I’m the kid with red hair and the Rutgers shirt. I’m nice and front and center on the screen! Glenn is 3 seats down from me in blue, much less bold looking. Of course, since it was us out there, he looped around for a second round of high fives for just our group. We’re that important.