The night started out well when they showed the teaser trailer for “The Dark Knight” which is of course the next Batman movie. It will be released July 18, 2008 but the countdown has already begun. Anyway the movie was an absolute delight. It was well paced, the jokes were well placed and not too random, and the animation and cinematography were top of the line. I have a few knocks on it, we’ve seen the storyline where Bart becomes like a member of the Flanders family and he originally hated the idea but in the movie it’s what he wanted at times. Also I kind of felt that maybe there wasn’t enough involvement of secondary characters. Moe had a few one liners, Lenny and Carl made brief appearances, and Krusty only had a couple seconds on screen. Overall though it was a great movie. The full collaborative review of the film will be posted by me and Tom tomorrow afternoon.