Above is the official teaser trailer for “The Dark Knight”, the next Batman movie which will be released on July 18, 2008. Over the last year I have become a real Batman geek and have been looking forward to this movie for some time now. The trailer last night was like Christmas morning to me and I showed my appreciation by giving it a standing ovation in the theater. Enjoy.

EDIT From Tom: Also in TDK news, another viral marketing site has been launched by the Warner Brothers folks, this time at WhySoSerious.com. As it turns out, The Joker held open casting calls yesterday in San Diego at 10 am, and many geeks attended dressed in their finest facepaint. The site now has photos and a “police report” of the event, as well as HD versions of the trailer above. Some clever fans also found this hidden in the website:

(Click for full version)

The latest picture of Heath Ledger as The Joker, this time in action with his knife to Maggie Gyllenhaal’s face. Of course since Maggie’s brother Jake Gyllenhaal starred alongside Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain, you can expect a humongous rehashing of those amazing Brokeback jokes none of us got sick of.