It was announced yesterday, after a long wait and audition period from WFAN, that former NFL Quarterback Boomer Esiason and co-host of New Jersey’s own “Jersey Guys” afternoon show on 101.5 Craig Carton will be taking over the morning slot on WFAN. As we all now this slot became vacant after the controversial comments of shock-jock Don Imus who referred to the Rutger’s Women’s Basketball team as ‘nappy headed hos.’ I’m not going to write out what every other newspaper has written about the hiring, I just want to share some of my thoughts on the hirings.

First of all I am a big fan of both of these men so I think the pairing of the two will be a great success. In the days after the Imus firing Esiason hosted a bunch of the morning shows on WFAN when they were just filling people in for the slot. He did a great job. With the hiring of Carton and Esiason I’m pretty sure they are going to be doing a sports show, unlike Imus who covered mostly politics and basically anything he wanted to talk about. Esiason had a show on MSG where he covered all sports, not just football, and it is clear he knows what he is talking about. As an ex-player he can give us all a perspective that only few people in this world can give on sports.


The hiring of Craig Carton was a big thrill for me. Being a fan of the Imus show I doubted anyone they hired to replace him would satisfy me. Then Carton came along. I was a huge fan of “The Jersey Guys” only because Carton was on the show. He is not afraid to speak his mind and he tells it like it is. He is a very funny guy and his charisma goes unmatched in my mind. Now with this new job for Carton he will be able to return to his roots as a sports talk host. I do not even have to pause when I say that Craig Carton is my favorite radio host and it is great that I get to hear him in the slot that my 2nd favorite man used to be in.

So overall I believe WFAN did a great job with the hirings. It may be impossible to get the fan base that Imus had. After all Imus had being doing this for a long time and was a nationally syndicated host. His morning show aired on MSNBC and he was a radio legend. I’m not saying that Carton and Esiason will able to fill his shoes but they should come close.