Extremely short asides to help me pass the time before the season starts.

“There are three things that can happen when you pass the ball, and two of them are bad.” – This line, or some permutation of it, has been attributed to a few different college coaches, dating back to legendary Gen. Robert Neyland, and more recently Woody Hayes or Darrell Royal (pictured). However, even if I were responsible for it, I wouldn’t want credit. This “witty” saying is supposed to tout the virtues of running the ball. After all, if you pass, you can either complete the pass (good), throw an incompletion (bad), or throw an interception (worse). Fine motto, right? After all, when you do a good, solid, old-timey thing like run the ball, check out the multitude of possibilities: gain yardage (good), be stopped for no gain/lose yardage (bad), or…fumble (worse). Hey, wait, isn’t that three outcomes? Two of them bad? Oh, no, wait, I forgot to include “being rough and tumble and smashmouth,” which is actually better than winning football games.