(Thanks to Tom for his Photoshop efforts)

The hi-larious editorial cartoon you see above was printed in Tuesday’s edition of the Home News Tribune. Yeah, that’s Rutgers, just leading this poor, hapless state along. Honestly, what kind of way is this for the state university to repay a state legislature that has been so kind to it in recent years? In addition, the rolled up paper the generic, numberless player is carrying seems to imply there are talks in the works of an entirely new stadium, which is not the case. The plans, as detailed here, would cost $116 million. That is a lot of money. However, it wouldn’t all be going to the stadium – it would be going to upgrades to that entire general area, such as a new practice facility. According to the linked Home News article, $30 million of the money for the upgrades would come from the state – a little over a quarter of the total. This is also less than half the money Rutgers trimmed from its budget last year due to the ingrained wasteful practices of the state, which necessitated the budget crunch. (And those astronomical property taxes.) So, yeah, right on, Jimmy Margulies. Shame on you, Rutgers. The nerve of a state university wanting state money for 1/4 of a major future project. I’ll be shedding one of these for you, poor, poor New Jersey. Because, let’s face it, with the way you’ve treated Rutgers, you know they won’t be.