Extremely short in-season asides to help me pass the time when no games are going on.


This time it’s new North Carolina State coach Tom O’Brien, formerly of Boston College (left), and comedy writer/performer Paul Lieberstein (right). Lieberstein is best known for portraying hapless HR rep Toby Flenderson on NBC’s The Office (for which he also writes), though that’s his only acting experience. The key to the character is how sad he always looks, and both of these men seem to share a similar sad-eyed face, even when they’re smiling. (Not to mention a shorthand way to refer to O’Brien is “TOB” – awfully similar to “Toby,” no? Coincidence?) O’Brien’s Wolfpack recently opened the season with a 25-23 loss to Central Florida. Many more games like that, and O’Brien may have to wonder about his players: “Why are you the way that you are?”