I hate these two men.  Words can’t describe the amount of anger I have every time I see the two of these fools on my television.  Which is about every three minutes if you ever happen to tune into ESPN.  These two guys are taking over the world, and it infuriates me.  What right do they have to take over every aspect of my life.  None.  And I’m tired of sitting around and letting it happen.

In case you don’t know who these men are they are the hosts of the morning sports talk show titled “Mike and Mike”  The man on the left is Mike Greenberg who is affectionately known by his adoring fans as “Greeny.”  The man on the left is former NFL player Mike Golic, who I’m convinced is only on this show because his name is Mike.  This no-talent clown is about as worthless as they come, mix him in with the slightly gay Mike Greenberg and you have the perfect recipe for garbage.

What irks me with these two is that they think that can do anything.  They just finished up a season of calling Arena Football games and this past Monday Night they teamed with Mike Ditka (forming a Mike and Mike and Mike booth, I know…it’s genius) to call an NFL game between the 49ers and the Cardinals.  Why does ESPN insist on hiring them for every job imaginable?  I don’t want to see them ever again but I’m sure if I were to turn on ESPN right now I’d see them juggling bowling pins or something.  This odd couple doesn’t work for me.  To rub things in ESPN airs a half hour show every day called “The Best of Mike and Mike,”  this is ridiculous.  I don’t need to watch a half hour of ‘the best’ from my least favorite people from that very morning.  These two are getting out of hand.  I am boycotting Mike and Mike forever.  I advise you to do the same.