I’m feeling kind of lazy, and sometimes there just isn’t a whole lot to say. The bottom line today was that Rutgers absolutely dominated a vastly inferior team. Even after a subpar first quarter in which they managed just three points, the outcome was never close to being called into question – especially not after the 42-point 2nd quarter barrage. This was a total given from the start, and that’s basically that. The defense looked pretty good today (after all, they got the shutout) – but after all, it was Norfolk State. The offense put together 537 total yards – but it was Norfolk State.

The “it was Norfolk State” line of thinking has a few folks up in arms, as well. This is because late in the second quarter, up 45-0, Greg Schiano used all his timeouts to stop the clock when Norfolk St. had the ball. It could be argued (and is argued in the linked article) that this was an unnecessary tactic considering Rutgers was already up 45-0. Schiano defended himself by saying when his starters are in the game (and it’s the first half), he’s going to play like his starters are in the game, even with that kind of lead. The second half was played much differently, and almost entirely by backups.

The worst parts of the game were the slow start, most of Jeremy Ito’s punting, and the nine penalties. The penalty situation still needs work, and hopefully the upcoming bye week sees more progress in this area (especially on special teams, punt blocking in particular). The best parts were the shutout, the offense (59 points isn’t bad no matter who you’re playing) and getting guys like Ryan D’Imperio and Zaire Kitchen who have been out with injuries into the game (and being able to rest starters). Despite a sluggish start, the team played well, and now has some time – without a game to worry about –  where they can work on ironing out the remaining kinks before the toughest part of the schedule begins Sept. 29 vs. Maryland. Until then, the biggest worry will be that teams playing next week could jump past idle RU in the polls.