To call Saturday’s performance an embarrassment would be the understatement of the century. The Notre Dame football team doesn’t belong playing Division 1-A football this year. This year’s Fighting Irish team, which would easily lose to a group of high schoolers, has shown the nation just how ‘great’ of a coach Charlie Weis is. The man who they called the savior of Notre Dame football has buried the team in the deepest hole they have ever been in. The question is, how long will it take them to dig their way out?

Thus far the brilliant offensive attack of Charlie Weis has gained negative 6 yards rushing on the entire season. That’s 14 yards less than Rutgers quarterback Mike Teel. The entire Notre Dame team has 14 less rushing yards than the pocket passer Teel. There is a reason for this however, not a good one, but at least it puts things in perspective. Jimmy Clausen himself has accounted for -104 of Notre Dame’s total. He has been sacked more times than I can possibly remember. This is no excuse, this is merely a reminder of another extremely flawed facet of Notre Dame’s game.

Through three games thus far the powerful offense of the Golder Domers has quietly racked up an astounding 359 pass yards. This is less passing yards then a good quarterback could have in a single game. The highly recruited Jimmy Clausen is not to blame here. His offensive line has given him a grand total of about 30 seconds to throw in a three game total. This team has one of the best tight ends in the country and you wouldn’t even know his name. John Carlson, who was in contention for the Mackey award as the nation’s top tight end, has 6 catches for a grand total of 47 yards through three games.  In fact Notre Dame’s punter will probably end up being an All-American simply because he has to punt 8 or 9 times a game. Notre Dame is not utilizing it’s weapons and it’s a reflection on the head coach.

I’ll admit it, three years ago when Weis was hired I thought it was a great move. Then after his successful first season I was leading the pack of Weis fans. Now after two disappointing seasons I see how big of a mistake the hiring was. While Ty Willingham is making great strides with the University of Washington program, Charlie Weis’ team has yet to score an offensive touchdown on the season. After three big losses last year to Michigan, USC, and LSU (granted they were three of the best teams in the country but the games weren’t even close) and an 0-3 start this year it’s clear that Weis just isn’t the man for the job. His foolish contract extension has locked this program in with him for the next 7 years. Hopefully Clausen develops and these freshman get better through the years but things don’t look bright. Ty Willingham was the first coach in Notre Dame history to get fired before his contract was up, maybe the only way Notre Dame gets out of this hole is if they do it a second time.