Join me each Tuesday as I come home from a 14-hour school day and kick off my shoes to enjoy a wonderful night of programming found on The CW. I know, House and Bones are on Tuesdays also, but if you’re watching them, you’re wrong. You should be watching Beauty and the Geek, followed by Reaper. Even though they air in that order, I’m gonna talk about them reverse tonight, since this is my first ever review of Reaper and I covered BatG last week.

Reaper — Pilot

This must be one hell of a show to earn my TWP #1 New Show of the Year award, I’m sure you are all thinking right now. Well, as I’m sure anyone who tuned in tonight will tell you, it is. Sam, played by Bret Harrison (Brad from Grounded For Life), wakes up on his 21st birthday to find that strange things are happening in his sad, boring life. He discovers that his parents sold his soul to the devil before he was ever born, and he’s been doomed from the start. Now the devil has come to get his payment; Sam must collect escaped souls from hell and return them, as a sort of bounty hunter. Now that I’ve got you hooked, we’ll get to the good stuff.

Sam is a wonderful character, and his best friend Sock, though he comes off as a Jack Black imitation at times, is very funny as well. Reaper connects on all levels, from its great premise to its hilarious execution. The actors all make a strong first impression (especially the devil, played by Ray Wise, who is the best new character in all of TV) and the direction by Kevin Smith is spot-on. The big test will be how the next few directors live up to the standards of Smith, since he’s not an easy act to follow. High hopes for this one, though.

Beauty and the Geek — 402

Last night’s BatG was mostly uneventful. The most important thing to take from the episode was that the beauties and the geeks are bonding over their mutual dislike of the reversed couple (girl geek, hot guy). They most certainly would have been eliminated, or at least sent to the room, if they hadn’t won the challenge. So was it just a coincidence that they did win it? Let’s not forget, I said last week that Sam the hot guy is actually an actor. If he’s playing a role, that could guarantee him a spot in the winners circle for as many weeks as the producers want, and that certainly wouldn’t be in the spirit of the show.

So, some fun bits about last nights show…

  • Wasn’t it kind of gross when Jasmine just shook her booty in front of her castmates?
  • I’ve never seen a less comfortable celebrity guest star than 3-6 Mafia
  • The guys challenge only got like 5 minutes, and we didn’t even get to hear anybody’s rap.
  • The girls challenge was actually unbearable, some of them are so stupid that it pains me.
  • Nicole, the geek girl, hasn’t appealed to me at all like the geek guys have.
  • Will has a gross bald spot that I hadn’t seen before now.
  • Erin, the white haired girl, is so pretty. Jennifer, the manly cigar model, is repulsive.
  • John, the juggler, is a great guy. He’s definitely a legitimate geek, but he’s got some social confidence that will help him.
  • Luke looks like Novak Djokovic.

I really hope that this show continues its tradition of honesty and character growth above gamesmanship, but it will take a few more weeks before we can be sure. And I’d like to say a sad farewell to Tony, the bowtied shy-guy Asian who was removed this week with his fake-breasted partner Amanda. She was actually a nice girl, and Tony was a great guy, though his crying toward the end got a bit excessive. We’ll miss them, even though they might have been the blandest of the teams this year.