Did they Jump the Shark tonight or did they drive over a shark? Either way ‘The Office’ hit its official low point tonight with a moment so lame and ridiculous it’s barely good enough to be a deleted scene on ‘According to Jim.’ In the case that you missed this inconceivable and unbelievable moment, Michael, in act of retardation, takes his GPS system’s directions so literally that he drives his car into a lake. What happened here was one of the best shows on TV taking a dive into mediocrity that began with last week’s disappointing season premiere.

I would like to know once and for all if Michael Scott actually has a mental disability. If he does than maybe what happened tonight could slide, but we have never been made privy to any such illness and the line has to be drawn somewhere. Sure, we’ve seen Michael do and say his share of moronic things but tonight took things too far. This show has sacrificed its one time brand of dry humor and has turned itself into a show that tries to get its biggest laughs off of physical comedy. Of course tonight had some great lines but as whole it wasn’t great…again…for the second straight week. Two weeks in a row we have to see Michael doing something ‘hilarious’ with his car.

The writers now seem to take things too far and make things too ridiculous. Even with Dwight, we know Dwight is a little strange and sometimes does questionable things but killing a cat by sticking it in a freezer? It’s like the writers expect us to laugh at things out of the shear ridiculousness of the matter, that won’t work for everyone. Guaranteed a lot of people loved these first two episodes, I’m also pretty sure that most of the true fans were very let down. It’s great to see Jim and Pam together but they have been drastically unfunny up to this point in the season. Jim used to be one of the highlights of the show with his pranks he would do to Dwight, when has Jim made anyone laugh so far? Andy Bernard is also a very funny character who has had maybe two lines this entire season. Up until this point we have seen Creed be very strange, which is funny, but that’s about it.

I don’t know if the writers have gotten lazy and just figure that whatever they put down on the page people will laugh at but they are wrong. Most viewers are smarter than to find most of this stuff funny.  Overall I’d say ‘The Office’ is far from the funniest show on television right now, it’s not even the funniest show on Thursday night, that goes to ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.’  I’m sure most people will disagree with me but this is just one man’s opinion.