Think back to the pilot of Gossip Girl, at the very end. Serena, fed up with the mess her life has become, throws out her cell phone, as if to show the audience that she is done playing Blaire’s game.

Now, travel to the end of the second episode of Reaper, where Satan does Sam a solid by setting him up to work a crummy job with his crush, Andi. The devil sniffs a flower, causes a car wreck, and smiles as he saunters into the parking lot.

Finally, stick around after the credits of the Friday Night Lights. We look ahead to next week, where Julie gets deeper into her “problem,” Landry and Tyra cope with their “issue,” and the whole down sinks deeper into their personal sinkholes.

What do all of these moments have in common (other than being quality scenes on some of this year’s best shows)? They all feature the exact same song, “Believe” by The Bravery. I’d be willing to bet that the song is on more shows that I don’t watch, too (in fact, I see that it’s also on the Madden ’08 soundtrack). It has that feel to it, the emotional pop-rock to get the feeling across to young viewers that producers are looking for.

Note: WordPress won’t let me embed this flash music player in here, for some reason. So GO HERE to listen to the song.

You may have just heard the hook, “So give me something to belieeeeeve…” because it’s everywhere these days. I know that before it first aired on Gossip Girl, I was familiar with the track, though I didn’t know who wrote it. It’s been out for a while now, with their album “The Sun and the Moon” coming out in May of this year. It debuted at #24 on the Billboard charts, so it probably got some airtime on Top 40 stations. The album came out to mixed reviews, with the more music-concentrated sources rating it pretty low (Pitchfork gave it a 1.8). I wouldn’t score this specific track that low, but I’m not really too big of a fan since I try to steer clear of pop rock. But if you do hear it, and you’re a fan, more power to you.