When Rutgers tickets become available for student sign-up, the ticket office sends out an email to all registered students.  I check my email many, many times a day.  I never received a notification that tickets to the Pitt game, the last home game of the season, had gone on sale. Yesterday, I learned that I had already missed the deadline!  So why did this wacky mix up happen?  Because my Rutgers email account filtered email from the Rutgers ticket office as SPAM.

I wish there was a way to scream on the internet without typing in all caps and looking like a jerk, because right now I’m infuriated.  I am pissed off at this university for not being able to deliver a simple ticket system, and that this happened so late in the season is just proof that they really haven’t been trying to improve it.

Last night, watching the Rutgers-Army game, my friends told me that they had already signed up for their tickets.  “I didn’t get an email about registering, though,” I told them.  They said that they hadn’t gotten one either.  But they told me that the deadline for getting them had already passed. (Why they didn’t alarm me that the tickets were available is a different problem.)

So today, while checking my email, I decided to look in my AUTO-DELETED-SPAM box.  I wondered if it had ever actually caught anything, since I do get a bit of spam, though I never give out this email address.  I was shocked at what I saw — two emails, neither of them spam.  Here are the subject lines:

  • Request Your Rutgers-Pitt Tickets
  • Basketball Tickets Go On Sale Midnight Tonight

What the hell?? Why are these two items in my spam box, while my inbox contains things like:

  • Paris Hilton likes them big
  • People judge your dick size by your shoes size.
  • The dick you have dreamed of is possible now with Penis Enlarge Patch.

Everyone at Rutgers got those emails in their inboxes thanks to some clever spamming… yet they couldn’t manage to deliver important email from inside their own system.  Damn it, Rutgers. I try so hard to defend you, and then you go and do crap like this.