Hey, readers — if there are any of you guys left. I’d like to apologize for our lackluster blogging performance of late.  Glenn and I have both had articles due consistently for our journalism classes and for the Targum, and with that and homework, this old girl has taken a back seat.  But rest assured, we are not dead.  In fact, we are only taking those classes and getting published to refine our blogging skills.  So in the end, you will reap the spoils of our learning process!

I’d like to propose something here… I know I’ve mentioned this before, but how would you all feel if instead of a big post a week, I came on here almost daily with a few thoughts?  They are really opposite ends of the blogging spectrum, so I’d be making a quantum shift in how I work, but I think it might be fun to try.

For now, let me just say this: I’m watching “Guiding Light” on CBS, and they keep referring to it as “American football.”  It’s an American show, let’s just call if football.  Do you really think some 50 year old tough guy, trying to connect with his grandson, would ask, “Do you want me to teach you how to play American football?” Of course not. Ahhh, some big-nosed girl just kissed an Australian!  They previously had a relationship of some sort!  And now a child has some sort of Lassie-like Flipper-like ability to sense danger, and he just stumbled over a line. Guess you couldn’t sense that one, tough guy.