Unbelievable. Atrocious. Incomprehensible. Mind-bogglingly incompetent. Flormpondible. It was a complete meltdown recalling pathetic Rutgers teams of the late ’90s and early 2000s, and words truly must be invented to describe the way the team gave this game away. It even teased us with some big plays here and there, only to hand an easy first down to the Cardinals on the next play. It was almost like they felt bad for completely shutting them down in the second half in 2006, so they allowed them to have their moment. Fuck. Bullshit. It was incredible to watch the team play as well as it had all season for much of the first half, then completely lose everything when they had to make some big plays. Unreal. This was nothing short of a reprehensible performance with a chance to finish the season with a winning record in Big East play. That did not happen, and it shouldn’t have happened with what transpired out on that field in Louisville tonight. Luckily, the bowl game is more than a month away, because fans might need all that time and more to recover after the showing they just witnessed. All I know is that I’m not feeling so bad about the bowl game being against a MAC opponent now – at this point, it might be the best chance Rutgers has to get a win and close out this hugely disappointing season on somewhat of a positive note. For now, the regular season has unmercifully ended in a game with some truly remarkable parallels to the huge win over Louisville in Piscataway last season. Home team comes back from an 18-point deficit, leaves the opponent shellshocked, hits a short field goal to win. It’s not so nice to be on the other side of those parallels. This was an incredible choke job by a significantly less than incredible team. I don’t think this loss was about “not wanting it badly enough” or some other nauseating hack sportswriter cliche, but it certainly was about not being good enough. Tonight, Rutgers was not good enough to beat Louisville, and in the end, the defense wasn’t good enough to beat a Pop Warner Special Olympics team. Ineptitude all around, and it has got to change before 2008. I will still root for this team, but seriously…what happened out there, guys? What happened out there?