From Tom Luicci, at The Star-Ledger:

Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano met with Michigan athletic director Bill Martin “for quite a while” to discuss the Big Ten school’s coaching vacancy during the annual College Football Hall of Fame Banquet in New York City on Tuesday, according to a person who speaks regularly with Schiano.

Though no official offer has been made, according to the person, one could be forthcoming.

Last year, Rutgers extended Greg Schiano’s contract through 2016 and upped his pay to $1.5 million a year. They also sold him almost an acre of land near campus for a generous price, even though the land was RU property and an ecological preserve.

So, you’d think he’d be grateful to the school for bending over for his program during a $66 million drop off in state funding.

But Tom Luicci of The Star-Ledger reported tonight that Schiano met Tuesday with the athletic director at Michigan to discuss taking the place of the retired Lloyd Carr. Later tonight, Luicci spoke with Scott Van Pelt on Sportscenter and said that an offer is likely to come soon.

So this is how Schiano repays the Rutgers faithful who packed the stadium this year? By trying to give everyone a heart attack?

Even if Schiano doesn’t leave, this ritual of meeting with other teams is becoming a bad habit. For all of the loyalty oaths Schiano has taken to Rutgers, you’d think he would actually mean it by now.

Glenn thinks that this is just a ploy to get the expanded facilities that the state recently decided against. Rutgers planned on following through on a $102 million stadium expansion, until Gov. John Corzine pulled a $30 million loan offer off the table last week, sying he felt it would be a burden to tax payers.

At a meeting with students earlier, president Richard McCormick and athletic director Bob Mulcahy made it clear to all those in attendance that they very badly want to build the new stadium. So who is Schiano trying to play hardball with, Gov. Corzine?

Nothing is official yet, but if Schiano leaves, there will be pandemonium (in Piscataway). He spoke with Miami during the off season last year, got a contract extension out of it, and re-affirmed his devotion to the Rutgers cause.

This can’t be something he makes a habit of, though. Because this time, it seems that the only thing he’s doing is angering Rutgers fans. It’s like Glenn said, “I’m not freaking out because nothing is really official. But if he leaves, it really is a Petrino move.”

Here’s a hint, Greg: When people start likening you to that half-man, half-rat Bobby Petrino, you’re doing something wrong.

When Schiano rejected Miami, he said, “We’re just scratching the surface here at Rutgers, the sky’s the limit. We’re going to do great things here. We haven’t done it yet.” Boy was he right; they haven’t done it yet. But high-tailing it out of there after a disappointing season isn’t the right way to get it done.

If he stays, business as usual. Rutgers fans will forget about it and look forward to next season. But if he leaves, it’ll be hard not to feel cheated and lied to. I certainly will.