From Tom Luicci, The Star-Ledger:

 Greg Schiano told his players in an emotional team meeting this morning that he will stay as head football coach at Rutgers University , according to the parent of a player on the team.

Last night we reported that Greg Schiano was fielding  an offer from Michigan.  This morning, it looks like it was more serious that we thought.

The player’s parent, who requested anonymity because of the nature of the meeting, said Schiano told the team he had tentatively accepted the Michigan job, but had a change of heart. The person said Schiano left the room in tears and it remains unclear if Schiano was indeed offered the job.

Are you kidding me?  This crybaby had actually already accepted the Michigan job?  We still have a bowl game, the seasons not even over, you rat!

Thank god someone in that room said the right thing, because Greg Schiano seemed all too ready to get the hell out of here and watch our program crumble.  Even if he doesn’t leave, I’ll never think about him the same again.  It took an emotional, Friday Night Lights-esque player speech just to keep him here.

Just knowing he had tentatively accepted the job makes me feel like everything he said to us over the past 7 years was a lie.  Sure, he made the team better, but now that we don’t have a Heisman candidate rising up through the ranks (assuming Ray Rice leaves), he’s done here. No program, no championship — just a couple of crappy bowls.

Regarding Ray Rice, a source close to the team told me that his mother has already bought a new Mercedes, and that she’s ready for him to make the jump.  Anyone who knows Rice knows that he’ll do anything his mom asks him to, they’re very close.

Can you imagine these two, leaving at the same time, giggling and driving out of NJ as a single gunshot is heard from the office of Bob Mulcahy?  Come on, guys, I’ll be a senior next year. Just give me one more and then you can go.