I’ve never hidden my disdain for Bobby Petrino’s endless wandering, but his latest move was enough to bowl even me over. After not even one full season with the Falcons, he’s off to Arkansas and cementing his status as football’s Larry Brown. I posted the following on a popular Rutgers football message board reacting to Petrino’s latest departure/screw job.

“Incredible. The ultimate two-timer has outdone himself. Petrino has made a career out of disloyalty, yet this news managed to shock me. This is just…beyond words. I mean, yeah, the Falcons are in a tough spot right now, but…leaving when you haven’t even finished ONE season? Honestly? When he tried to scheme behind Louisville’s and Tuberville’s back in ’03 to go to Auburn, at least a full season had gone by. Simply unbelievable. Nick Saban catches crap left and right when his moves/flirtations/will-he-or-won’t-hes don’t even begin to approach what Petrino has done. Tomorrow Petrino will probably take the Michigan job.”

I don’t really have much more to say on the matter except that football-wise, this is a great hire for Arkansas. They’re going to win a lot of games the next couple seasons. Program-wise, it leaves something to be desired unless the place completely changes Petrino’s personality and for the first time ever he decides he’s happy where he is. I’m not counting on that.

Now, time for me to focus on RU’s upcoming appearance in the International Bowl against Ball State and their head coach, Jeff Garlin.