In Monday’s edition of The Daily Targum, I couldn’t help but notice what seemed like an interesting connection to Facebook in one of its ads. The Days Without Hate, an “event” that took place early in November, took out a full two-page ad to promote their cause. In extremely fine print, the ad listed hundreds of names, ostensibly the names of those who were intimately involved in helping the campaign in one way or another. However, this was not the case. How do I know? Because, while glancing over the ad, I noticed my name there. I was not intimately involved with Days Without Hate.

Then, I remembered what involvement I had – I was invited to join their Facebook group. I more or less thought, “Sure, I don’t like hate, I’m in,” and that was that. I quickly realized – the only involvement in this campaign needed to be recognized as an official participant was to click a virtual “Accept” button. Should that be all that is needed? Probably not. But if Facebook is going to take away from students’ study time and make their grades worse, maybe the least it can do is help inflate the rest of a resume. So…50/50 job here, Facebook. Then again, come to think of it, I did not practice hate during the days the event went on, to my recollection. Upon further consideration, thanks to Days Without Hate and the Targum for richly earned credit.