As a lifelong Mets fan I would have to say that today’s news of Todd Pratt being a steroid user burned me to the core.   Highly regarded as one of the greats of the game Pratt always brought heart and soul to each and every inning.  Little did we know that his very heart and soul were being powered by steroids.  I couldn’t even bring myself to post a picture of him as a Met.  The world stopped turning today.  Pratt’s biggest moment as a major leaguer came when he hit a series ending walk-off home run in game 4 of the 1999 NLDS against the Diamondbacks to send the Mets to the next round.  It’s a shame that it never should have happened.

In all seriousness though there were some pretty big names on the list.  It wasn’t the earth shattering list that some people thought it might be but it did confirm a lot of people’s suspicions on certain people (i.e. Gary Sheffield, Miguel Tejada, Roger Clemens).  Two of the bigger names were Clemens and Andy Pettite.  Both of which played big parts in Yankees’ World Championships of the past.  In Clemens case this will undoubtedly keep him out of the Hall of Fame for a few years.  I believe that he does deserve to be inducted but he will no longer be the first-ballot Hall of Famer that he was no doubt destined to be.  Pettite’s name being on the list simply taints his career and has to disappoint Yankee fans.  Also Jack Cust should be ashamed of himself.  He gave New Jersey a bad name.  We are very upset with you.