After months and months of anticipation fans like myself were treated to the official trailer of ‘The Dark Knight.’ The heavily anticipated Batman movie starring Christian Bale and Heath Ledger. Here is the official trailer but that wasn’t even the biggest news.

In a huge marketing campaign involving websites and newspapers it was revealed that in IMAX theaters only, the first 6 minutes of the movie would be shown before I Am Legend. A huge tease yes, but also it was finally something for all of us geek Batman fans who have been waiting since the moment we finished watching Batman Begins. Well I have seen the first six minutes of the movie and it is a great opening. All we see are bunch of guys in clown masks robbing the mobs money from a bank. One of the men keeps shooting his others though, throughout the six minutes we basically just see the robbery. Then the bank manager, played by William Fichtner, opens fire on the robbers. He is then shot and one of the men in the masks walks over to him and reveals his face, it is white with red around the lips, we know him as the Joker. He says to Fichtner ‘What doesn’t kill you, makes you stranger” and hops in a school bus and leaves. End clip.