Today, 65 years ago, a man named Michael Nesmith was born.  Then, three years later on the exact same day, the world was introduced to a beautiful baby boy named Davy Jones.  Was it conincidence that these two men shared this common date?  No.  It was fate.

For 20 years later,  NBC created a band named The Monkees.  And lo!  They made some of the greatest music that mankind has ever heard.

So remember, December 30th is Monkees Day.  We can all sit around and remember their appearance on Boy Meets World, where Wikipedia says “Peter Tork played Topanga’s father Jedidiah, Jones played Reginald, an old friend from Europe, and Micky Dolenz played Gordy, Mr. Matthews’ best friend. In the one episode that the three were in together, they performed ‘My Girl.'”

Man, that was a classic episode.

Marge: But it's true.  They didn't write their own songs or play their
       own instruments.
Zweig: The Monkees weren't about music, Marge.  They were about
       rebellion, about political and social upheaval!