From Love that SMU mustang logo.

Southern Methodist University just hired June Jones away from Hawaii as head football coach. For the record, I think it’s a good hire. He’ll win games there and finally make that program respectable again (not that this opinion is exactly going against the grain).

What I found interesting was the apparent belief of former SMU coach Phil Bennett that academic restrictions there need to be loosened to make the team more competitive. Also for the record, I do not agree here – this place has gotten enough of a bad rap that they sort of need to go above and beyond in other areas to help rehab their image. The right coach can still win with these restrictions in place.

With this speculation in mind, I headed to SMU’s page on to check out some academic numbers. Those are all readily available there, but nothing stuck out to me like this tidbit: the College Board code for Southern Methodist University is “6660.” Seriously?